Change the iPhone system font with this iOS 16 exploit

The standard font Apple uses on iOS and iPadOS devices is SF Pro, and while it’s clean and readable, you might get tired after staring at your iPhone all day. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow us to change the system font on the iPhone, but if you intend to anyway, there is an exploit in iOS 16 that makes it possible.

Earlier this week, developer Zhuowei Zhang released a proof-of-concept app on GitHub that allows users to overwrite fonts on iOS. As Zhang explains, the app only works on iOS devices running iOS 16.1.2 and earlier, but does not require a jailbreak. Instead, the app exploits a kernel execution bug (CVE-2022-46689) that Apple patched in iOS 16.2.

If you have already updated your iPhone to iOS 16.2, which was released on December 13, you will not be able to try this app. That being said, you should always update your device immediately when Apple releases new versions of iOS, because these exploits are not being used by threat actors to give you the ability to change your iPhone’s default font to Comic Sans.

On the other hand, if you still have iOS 16.1.2 or earlier, feel free to test the app before upgrading. Just know that restarting your device will revert any changes.

as pointed out Ars Technicathe app comes with several pre-installed fonts, including Segoe UI (the default font for Windows), Fira Sans (originally commissioned by Mozilla for Firefox OS), the all-time classic Comic Sans MS, and Choco Cooky (a goofy font from Samsung) .

If none of those fonts suit your taste, you can also import custom fonts that have been ported to iOS. If you’d like to learn more about how to do this, be sure to read Zhang’s GitHub, where he also shares some tips for custom fonts.

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