Confronting Narco-Terrorism – Latest News from Jammu Kashmir | Tourism

Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed terrorism and its side effects for decades, along with irreparable damage to the social fabric, beyond words to explain. As if the pain and agony of facing grenades, bombs, AK47s and the ensuing bloodbath were not enough, narco-terrorism has been tied to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. Our UT has seen the neighbor ‘Udatta Punjab’ but right now the situation of Jammu and Kashmir is no different from its neighbor. With Punjab’s situation on the narcotics front deteriorating and subsequent pressure from security and other government agencies, narcotics smuggling shifted from Punjab to the borders of Jammu and Kashmir with the advantage of mountainous terrain, inaccessible for the winters and easy routes to cross, drug trafficking flourished like nothing else and in a short time J&K became the goose that laid the golden eggs of the drug business. With the opening of cross-border trade, this trade changed further, and despite repeated recommendations by agencies to install full-body truck scanners at transit points, nothing was done. The resulting penetration of drugs into each and every corner of UT is plain to see. The daily seizures of narcotics at different locations in UT are just the tip of the iceberg. Newspapers are full of news along with pictures but shocking is the fact that the NDPS narcotics conviction rate is dismissal and more serious is the fact that this conviction rate is falling every year. To protect the innocent from harassment, clear instructions are provided per NDPSA guidelines, how to obtain a search warrant, if a search warrant is not available, what to do, how many witnesses are required, the presence of a posted officer is mandatory, how to keep the case property, importance of recording search time, seizures and all details must be recorded and most importantly proof of seized material by FSL with due care. One can understand that in the previous regimes all these things were taken lightly as such, nor was the proper FSL established nor was the responsibility of IOs and other officers fixed for the ever-declining conviction rate, but the very fact of that the old system has not been touched and the same old procedures are being adopted. Even now, with the result, there is also no improvement in the conviction rate under the current regime, despite the fact that three years have passed since the abrogation of article 370. All said and done, the situation on the ground remains the same. itself, or the IOs are not trained, not well versed in the law and established procedures, or doing things deliberately is just an assumption. The failure to file property case in court itself is a very serious matter and as such warrants severe departmental action for this serious lapse. A UT that has been bearing the brunt of terrorism for so many decades does not have a proper FSL, a practical example of a non-serious approach for decades and still continues. All these lapses when seen on a collective platform leave one shocked, are we really serious about narcoterrorism? Will these half-hearted approaches yield any tangible results? A paradigm has been established, grab it, arrest them and then let them go. Right now Jammu and Kashmir is the hot button of drug trafficking but there is no scientific approach being taken, no proper FSL, no full body truck scanners, the less aware IOs and on the other hand the enemy it has the vast network of narco-espiocrats, advantage of the enemy. and the result is Jammu and Kashmir suffering immensely, damage to present and future generations beyond imagination. Time and again the High Court of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh has intervened, banging its knuckles, but it seems an extra bitter pill should be prescribed. HC has rightly taken a serious view of the prevailing situation and applied for the ATR. One hopes that the authorities will now come out of hibernation and move quickly to put these most heinous enemies of society behind bars. Examples must be given, beyond any doubt, such as terrorism: narco-terrorism has no place in Jammu and Kashmir either.

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