Destiny 2 YouTuber Humorously Trolls Bungie With His Own TWAB

A Destiny 2 YouTuber caps off 2022 with his own TWAB post, jokingly and humorously teasing Bungie’s weekly updates on the game.

Bungie offices still on vacation for the holidays means no This Week at Bungie posts before 2023, so destiny 2 YouTuber and streamer Aztecross decided to have a little fun to close out 2022 by teasing the developer with his own TWAB. Aztecross usually tries to inject humor into most of its content, from random jokes about the game universe to random one-liners while reviewing the newest exotic weapon. However, the latest video of him showcased his humor in full with his TWAB covering everything from bringing back the exotic Twilight Garrison, a SIVA expansion, skill-based matchmaking, and much more.


destiny 2 is currently in its final season of year 5, titled Season of the Seraph, which looks to set the table for the events to come when light fall premieres in February 2023. In the season, players work alongside Ana, Elsie and Clovis Bray, Mara Sov and Osiris to reform and awaken the AI ​​Rasputin after being dormant for nearly two years. Players must also stop a push by The Witness forces to seize control of Rasputin’s dormant arsenal before it can be used against the Last City and discover what secrets the AI ​​has stored before The Witness can claim them.

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light fallAztecross’s upcoming release was one of the many themes he managed to work into his TWAB, which lures viewers in with an opening saying the team decided to drop a surprise post to close out 2022. From there, it steps up with the outlines. of a new infused Cabal. Iron Banner mode, abandon penalties, weapon tuning, airborne efficiency, and various other topics that Aztecross and the bigger guys teased or suggested about. destiny 2 community. The video continues for 17 minutes, with some of the more obvious jokes being saved for the last few minutes, the main one being a destiny 3 ad and the platform it will be on.

The Aztecross video received high praise from viewers, who were quick to share their appreciation for the humorous video in the comments. Most viewers applaud Aztecross for drawing them in for the first few minutes, saying that the writing and tone of his TWAB was similar to a typical TWAB post straight from Bungie. They go on to point out the different points at which they found out the video was a joke, with most viewers citing the return of the Twilight Garrison exotic armor piece or the idea of ​​”silver-based matchmaking” in the Crucible.

As mentioned above, Aztecross has never been shy about sharing his sense of humor with his viewers and injecting it into his many videos about destiny 2. It’s not unusual to see him on video or in a stream pulling a prank at the expense of Bungie, his fellow Guardians, or his own viewers from time to time. However, your viewers will probably point out that this is all in jest and only reflects Aztecross’ love for the greatest. Destiny universe, a love he is open about almost as often as he is with his jokes.

destiny 2 It is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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