Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Construction Leaks

A full alpha for Horizon Forbidden West is leaked, and it has huge implications for the game’s modding scene and its future on PC.

The year 2022 ends with a surprise for Forbidden Horizon West fans as the alpha version of the game was uploaded to a popular PlayStation hacking platform, with staggering implications and potential consequences. In spite of elden ring Y god of war ragnarok dominating sales records in 2022, Forbidden Horizon West It remains one of the biggest Playstation releases of the year, and the popularity of the franchise is a testament to the unique post-apocalyptic setting that Guerrilla Games developed.


Time Forbidden Horizon West is a favorite on PlayStation consoles, many fans of the franchise are eager for the sequel to finally get its PC edition. horizon zero dawn released in February 2017, and PC gamers had to wait three and a half years to experience Aloy’s journey for themselves when Guerrilla Games launched. zero dawn for PC in August 2020. Since Sony has not announced any plans to port forbidden westit has a lot of fans in the community who are understandably anxious.

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Along with recent leaks mentioning Forbidden Horizon West getting a PC version, its full alpha version going public opens up the possibility for third parties to create an unofficial PC port. The leaked build was apparently used for remote testing purposes during the pandemic and as a result may contain potentially interesting content that had to be scrapped for release or never made the final cut. While users can play this build on any jailbroken PS4, since the DMCA is handed out to people who post explicit content from the leaked build, it may take a while for the situation to escalate further.

Forbidden Horizon West Animals Guerrilla Animal Day

The best-case scenario players can hope for is that the leak allows Horizon modders to get even better insight into how the game is built, as well as showing Guerrilla Games the incredible demand for a Forbidden Horizon West PC Edition.

Until then, potential PC fans who wish to give the Horizon franchise one try can buy horizon zero dawn with a significant discount on Steam until January 5th. The complete edition incorporates the frozen forestsan expansion pack for zero dawn which can be played at any time during the main story, but mostly balances around level 30. Given recent developments, there’s a good chance players won’t have to wait long for Guerrilla Games to launch. forbidden west on PC (leaks mention late 2023), meaning there may be no better time to jump into the franchise than now.

Forbidden Horizon West is available on PS4 and PS5.

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