Noah Schnapp Says Stranger Things Season 5 Will End With Will Byers

It’s going to end with Will Byers and a lot of tears.

The hit Netflix series, Strange things, it turned the world upside down in 2016, and every season since has continued to outperform the last. When we met Noah SchnappThe character of Will Byers, in season 1, became the catalyst for Mate Y ross dufferScience fiction centered in the 80s when he mysteriously disappeared. Now, as the cast and fans await a much heavier Season 5 finale, Schnapp says the series will also end with Will.

Although the sci-fi show is well known for its unique creatures that plague the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, it’s the main group of friends that hold the heart and ground the story. Even as portals to alternate dimensions were tearing at the fabric of Earth, we could count on Will, Mike (finn wolfhard), Luke (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (gaten matarazzo) and Eleven (millie bobby brown) to save the day. As the seasons progressed, we were introduced to more characters, such as sadie sinkby Max Mayfield and mayan falcon‘s Robin, and by season 4, Will was just as shy and haunted by his connection to the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down.


As it is in real life, the group began to drift apart. Between the girls, school, and the miles between California and Indiana, by the time they reached high school, it seemed Will’s story had been forgotten. On top of that, season 4 confirmed the rumors about Will’s sexuality, further isolating him from his best friends. He felt lost, and so do we. Fans began to wonder if the Duffer brothers had abandoned poor Will, but in an interview with Forbes, Schnapp revealed that season 5 will come full circle, saying:

“I can only tell you that I am very, very excited for what is to come. I think they did a great job with the character of Will this season and beautifully addressed everything they needed to. The way they closed the show is just perfect: the story started with Will and it will end with Will.”

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There’s no doubt that Schnapp’s character will be crucial to the end of it all. Ever since he disappeared into the Upside Down, Will has continued to have some sort of telepathic connection to the entities that inhabit it. In the season 4 finale, while everyone is having their happy moment, Will becomes nervous, indicating that all is not as it seems. Between his senses and Eleven’s superpowers, fans can only hope for the best as Hawkins’ group takes on Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) evil army.

the four seasons of Strange things are available to stream exclusively on Netflix. Stay tuned to Collider for updates on Season 5 details and release date.

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