Path of Ra, a narrative puzzle about a reincarnated pharaoh, is now available globally on mobile devices

After a successful launch in Europe, Oneiric Tales has officially released its puzzle-platformer Path of Ra to the rest of the world. In the game, players help the spirit of a pharaoh by helping him solve a series of puzzles that will allow him to embark on a final journey to freedom.

In Path of Ra, players will explore the story of a pharaoh, once the king of Egypt. But the game does not take place during his rule. In fact, it takes place after he has died and reincarnated as well. And how does he come back?

Well, fate really wanted to waste time because the pharaoh is reborn as a hieroglyph. Add to that the fact that this symbol has returned as it is in none other than his own grave. It’s going to be an absolutely bizarre adventure as Pharaoh tries to discover the cause of his own mysterious death.

To get to the bottom of this and find the truth, players must solve over 60 unique puzzles by rearranging the tiles of the frescoes on the walls. These are the obstacles you must cross to find out the reason for your disappearance. It will also be an extremely immersive experience because the game features a killer soundtrack (literally) and beautiful cinematics that build on the lore.

If you think you are capable enough to help this pharaoh, then download Path of Ra now by clicking your preferred link below. It costs $4.99 or your local equivalent. Follow the developer’s instructions twitter handle also for all the latest information.

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