Ragnarok Fans Call For The Return Of Kratos’ Fur Cloak

God of War Ragnarok fans are raising their voices to bring back Kratos’ iconic fur cape seen on the opening screen and on the game box.

god of war ragnarok fans are calling for the return of Kratos’ iconic fur cape. god of war ragnarok is out now and has received several accolades, including Best Action Adventure at The Game Awards. Santa Monica Studio’s game won the most awards, with six, only marginally missing out on Game of the Year for elden ring. god of war ragnarok see the return of Kratos and Atreus as they fight their way through the nine realms.

Players love just about everything about god of war ragnarok, but there is a problem that seems to be bothering a lot of them. This is Kratos’s fur cape that can be seen on various posters, as well as on the game’s cover and home screen. The god of war ragnarok The community on Reddit is extremely vocal on this matter, as seen in a post by V1V1S3CT10N.


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The user shared a post on the God of War subreddit that sparked the discussion. The post is a meme and contains two images; the first shows the cover where Kratos is wearing the iconic fur cape, and the second image is of a frustrated man. The central idea of ​​the meme is to criticize the developers for showing the skin cape and not allowing it to be part of Kratos in god of war ragnarok. Many users pointed out that the cape is present for the first few minutes of the game before it is never seen again in god of war ragnarok. These fans said that the developers should not have shown Kratos wearing a fur cape in the first place if they intended to remove it later.

An informative user who had seen a podcast by a member of the Santa Monica Studio art direction team provided a reasonable explanation. They pointed out that Kratos’ cape on god of war ragnarok it was incredibly difficult to animate, particularly the parts where he draws his weapons, which is why the developers removed the fur layer entirely. Meanwhile, a user shared a video of a god of war ragnarok mod that gives Kratos the fur cape.

Fans took advantage of the V1V1S3CT10N and discussed other glitches they don’t like on god of war ragnarok. As expected, only a few concerns were raised, but some god of war ragnarok players were disappointed by the lack of a bare-handed skill tree. Unlike his predecessor, god of war ragnarok he has five skill trees overall, two for companions and then three for each of the weapons Kratos eventually has access to.

god of war ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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