Ragnarok Streamer Defeats Thor On Hardest Difficulty With His Hand In A Pringles Can

A streamer impresses when he accepts the challenge to play God of War: Ragnarok with his hand in a Pringles can, and even beats Thor.

A talented game streamer has shown his ability to do what many would consider impossible by defeating Thor in God of War: Ragnarok on the highest difficulty with a Pringles can in hand. The challenge has impressed fans of the streamer, as well as those who have experienced Give Me God of War difficulty for themselves.

With five difficulty modes available, overcome God of War: Ragnarok it is something that many players can do. Also, the game’s accessibility options are good enough for a blind player to play. God of War: Ragnarokproving that the game is an excellent choice for anyone, regardless of skill level.


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Streamer MissMikkaa took on the Pringles can challenge on-stream while playing God of War: Ragnarok. The streamer is no stranger to weird and unique challenges, having previously accomplished impressive feats like defeating elden ring‘s Malenia using a dance pad. When that wasn’t enough, she did it again, but limited her character to level 1. Now, the streamer is looking for God of War: Ragnarokand streamed gameplay while using her controller by herself, with a camera constantly displaying her controller inputs to show that she was following the challenge honestly.

God of War: RagnarokThe Thor vs. Thor fight is intense, especially on the highest difficulty, and adding this challenge makes it that much more difficult. While MissMikkaa takes on some smaller fights with relative ease, even stopping to munch on Pringles on occasion, Thor’s first fight challenged the streamer. Although she had to go through the phases of the fight multiple times to win her over, MissMikkaa remained upbeat and cheerful throughout, berating Thor for cursing her and casually swapping Pringles cans between attempts. Thor constantly yelling at Kratos to stop holding back is particularly amusing, knowing that the player chooses to fight with only one hand.

In the end, it took MissMikkaa about 17 minutes to get past Thor’s fight, which impressed her audience a lot. Winning the entire game with one hand would be an interesting feat to see next, and given MissMikkaa’s propensity for extreme gaming challenges, it’s not entirely out of the question.

Many gamers and streamers are content to play a game, but others are not. While MissMikkaa is one such streamer, others have performed crazy feats like winning games on one battery or fighting in call of duty: war zone with a baguette for a driver. Whether streamers want to build interest by testing themselves or players just can’t get enough of a challenge from the base game, it seems there’s always some way to increase the difficulty in a game, even if it means messing around. a Pringles can.

God of War: Ragnarok is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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