The IO of 34 police stations show dismal performance


The performance of the investigation teams of 34 police stations in Rawalpindi district remained quite disappointing during the outgoing year of 2022.

However, the performance of the female investigative agents of the Women’s Police Station turned out to be better than that of their male counterparts.

Sources said that IOs and investigation teams from 34 Rawalpindi district police stations have completely failed to file final complaints against suspects involved in heinous crimes, giving them the upper hand in courts of law.

The sources said that these proclaimed criminals managed to escape the clutches of the law and were released from prison on bail.

According to court records and the district attorney’s office, 34 police stations in Rawalpindi district have registered a total of 35,331 cases so far this year.

Of these, final challenges in only 9,631 cases were able to be filed in court, while full challenges in 25,700 serious cases have not been filed to date.

During the outgoing year, a total of 762 were dismissed, out of the total number of registered cases. Police were unable to arrest defendants in 471 cases, so their files remained inactive.

According to the law, the police are required to submit the challan within 14 days after the registration of the case, but despite the passage of one year, the police were unable to submit the final challan of these cases.

The final challans of cases brought by the police are all cases of a petty nature, including alcoholism, begging, gambling, loitering, drug dealing, fighting, theft, and inflation.

Final challans for felony cases of murder, attempted murder, gang rape, forcible rape, kidnapping, robbery and auto theft could not be filed.

Investigation teams and officers flaunted their performance by submitting incomplete challans of these serious cases to throw dust in the eyes of their superiors.

However, the defendants in these cases took full advantage and slipped away after getting bail while these serious cases are still pending in the courts due to incomplete challan.

During the previous year, the Sadiqabad Police Station recorded the highest number of 3,227 cases, but only 662 final applications could be filed with the court. New Town Police Station recorded a total of 3,069 cases and submitted final challans for only 326 cases. The airport police station registered a total of 1,993 cases and produced only 430 final challans.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 31st2022.

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