The video of the heads of Kratos and Atreus on the bodies of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us 2 is Pure Nightmare Fuel

A recent video shows a strange mod that places the heads of Kratos and Atreus on the bodies of Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us.

In a recent video, a mod brings together two of Sony’s biggest games by putting God of War‘s Kratos and Atreus instead of Ellie and Joel in the last of us 2. The video represents God of WarNaughty Dog’s main heroes in a variety of emotional title scenes.

Mods have become some of the most interesting and creative ways to breathe new life into a game, sometimes creating alternate realities that turn a game’s story on its head. Video game modding can create scenarios that many gamers never thought they would see or even consider thinking about. However, sometimes these mods trigger visuals that can be a bit unsettling, taking some players on a trip to the uncanny valley.


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A recent YouTube video shows a mod involving Kratos and Atreus’s head on Joel and Ellie’s body in a variety of scenes from the last of us 2, starting with the touching scene where Joel sings a song for Ellie while playing the guitar. This is not the first time The last of us Y God of War they’ve swapped worlds, but there’s something about this clip that feels a little unsettling, but in a fun way; especially when the scene cuts to Atreus for the first time to reveal his head on top of Ellie’s body. The work done on the mod is incredibly well done, but the first quick cut to reveal Atreus might be considered a fun scare for some.

With god of war ragnarok Being one of the biggest games of the year, the fan base behind the game has grown over the years, and with that growth some fans of the franchise have used mods to show how creative and fun they can be. With this specific mod, seeing and hearing the expressions and voices of Ellie and Joel through the faces of Kratos and Atreus is almost like being in a fever dream. Watching these characters play out some of the most emotional scenes from Naughty Dog’s iconic post-apocalyptic world sometimes feels like watching something you’re not supposed to watch, but that can add a strange allure to mod video for some viewers.

Fun or unexpected mods can sometimes put a strange new layer on a game that many wouldn’t dream of running. if one finds this God of War/The Last of Us scary or hilarious hybrid is entirely up to the viewer. However, there is no denying that this mod is something completely new, and one that cannot be missed.

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