This quick trick will improve copy and paste on your iPhone

If you ever want to copy and paste more than one link, text, or image during a session on your iPhone, you’re out of luck: the built-in clipboard only saves one item at a time. But thanks to a nifty solution detailed by Gadget Hacks, you’ll now be able to access a full history of copied items with just a few taps.

It’s a bit of work to set it up, but it’s worth it. Essentially, you’ll want to use some of Apple’s built-in apps and features, namely Shortcuts and Back Tap. And the good news is that Gadget Hacks author Justin Meyers has already created the shortcut you need to download (which you can find here).

From there, you can choose where to save all of these copied items, but we suggest saving everything in your Notes app, which can handle both text and media. We also suggest saving everything to a Note instead of creating a new one for each copied item. (Again, you’ll want to follow the Gadget Hacks instructions closely.)

Then, you’ll assign a function to Back Tap, the iOS accessibility feature you always forget exists: it’s the Apple logo on the back of your phone that you tap 2-3 times to trigger the required action. Here, that means going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Touch Back, selecting “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” and then scrolling to the Shortcuts section to choose “Save Clipboard History.”

It will take a minute or two to set up, but once you’re done, you can run this copy-paste shortcut every time you double- or triple-tap.

Why not use a third party app like Clipboard++ or Paste Anywhere? As Meyers points out, those apps require an associated keyboard to browse and select clipboard history content (and you’ll need to open the app or keyboard everyone time you copy content to your clipboard). In addition, it allows these third parties to access potentially confidential material.

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