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It’s the last day of the year and we at c’t uplink are holding our infamous Predictions round. The rules of the game are as follows: At the end of the year, the c’t uplink team makes predictions for the next year. With them we compete against listeners and viewers, who also try to make the most interesting and daring predictions for the future.

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Every year, in the last episode, we extract the predictions of the previous year and there is a point for each prediction that came true. Half a point is sometimes awarded in borderline cases. Whoever has accumulated the most points at the end wins.

So it will be exciting again when we sort out who had the most goals for 2022 and who was terribly wrong. Also, of course, we will go under the oracles again so that the game can continue next year.

Also present: Achim Barczok, Pina Merkert, Keywan Tonekaboni, Sophia Zimmermann

c’t 2/2023 is available on the kiosk, im browsers and on the c’t app for iOS and Android.

On our new YouTube channel c’t 3003 there will be a new video every Friday at 5 pm!

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