VIN Query’s Free VIN Decoding and Vehicle History App for Android and iOS Announced

VIN Check is pleased to announce the launch of “VIN Check”, the free VIN decoding and vehicle history app, which will revolutionize the automotive industry, supporting VIN scanning, classic and modern vehicle history reports, Online and offline VIN decoding in the fastest time known in the industry. VIN Query launched a mobile app after its website was deemed the best CarFax alternative seen in the industry by its reviewers, the “VIN Query” app is now available on Google Play Store and will soon be available on the Apps Store.

One of the beauties of this mobile app is its ability to allow users to decode VINs for free and store vehicle data after a VIN is decoded, although the reports are constantly updated, users can keep their vehicle history reports stored in the app for future reference. This feature is in stark contrast to other similar service providers where reports expire over time. In addition, “Check VIN” is integrated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which allows the VIN to be scanned at narrow angles and in low light conditions.

By downloading this mobile app, users will have access to a wealth of vehicle data and specifications: they can decode any VIN, perform VIN checks, and discover the past of any vehicle, both modern cars and vintage classic cars. The vehicle history report provided by this mobile app is not only affordable but also more detailed compared to what is available elsewhere including ownership history, title mark information, odometer setback issues, theft records (if reported) auction data with 10+ photos (when available), inspection records and service and repair history just to name a few.

This VIN scan feature puts an end to all errors associated with manually handling VIN numbers. VIN Query Web App is now up and running and users of this web app can now enjoy the premium user interface of this app that provides a great user experience. After downloading this app, users can redeem their existing VIN verification credits to use in the app. VIN Query plays a key role in providing vehicle history reports, VIN decoding services and license plate lookup services in the Latin American region.

Therefore, the provided vehicle history is available through web applications and mobile platforms. Use the contact information from the website or press release.

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  • VIN Query’s Free VIN Decoding and Vehicle History App for Android and iOS Announced
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