Who would side with Wrathion anyway?

In the early hours of the Dragonflight campaign, you join Wrathion, the Black Prince, on a quest to retake the Obsidian Citadel. During the attack, your wargroup meets another faction on a similar mission. They are led by a black dragon named Sabelian, who has been in Outland protecting the remaining black dragons during The Burning Crusade. Neither of Deathwing’s heirs knew of the other’s existence, but both believe that they are the rightful leaders of the Black dragonflight.

This storyline isn’t resolved at the end of the campaign, and we now return to the garrison every week to show our support for either Wrathion or Sabellian. Only one of them will become the Dragon Aspect, and by completing quests and earning faction reputation each week, it seems like we have some say in which dragon will ultimately control the throne. My only question is, who the hell would side with Sabelian here?


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Wrathion is an important figure in WoW history and has played a pivotal role in helping us overcome some of Azeroth’s biggest threats. The Black Prince was born during the war against Deathwing and sees himself as Neltharion’s son and heir. He feels an enormous burden to undo the damage his father caused and protect Azeroth at all costs. Over the years, we’ve fought side by side with Wrathion against many threats. More recently, he crafted the Shroud of Resolve which shielded us from N’Zoth’s corruption, allowing us to defeat the Old God and ultimately avenge Deathwing. Wrathion is smart, honorable, and not for nothing, quite easy on the eyes. If anyone deserves to lead the black dragonflight and rebuild the Obsidian Citadel, it’s him.

Meanwhile, Sabelian is just a guy. If you read the World of Warcraft novels you’ll know a bit more about his history, but otherwise he’s had very little presence in WoW. During The Burning Crusade, he disguised himself as Baron Sablemane and helped us defeat the Sons of Gruul. He was apparently unaware of the fate of Cataclysm of Deathwing, and he remained absent from the story until the awakening of Dragon Isles, where he returned with his own dragonflight to rebuild his former home.

There are some interesting dynamics to consider here. Sabelian was Deathwing’s son and his right-hand man at one point, and since the Dragon Isles are his homeland, he has a reasonable claim to the throne. He too is already leading a brood of black dragons. In contrast, Wrathion knows nothing of his society or culture, he has been operating independently his entire life and has never seen the Dragon Isles before awakening. In Sabelian’s mind, he is already the leader of the Black dragonflight and Wrathion is, at best, a useful ally.

Thanks to Blizzard for creating an interesting dilemma, but unfortunately for Sabellian, I’m the champion of Azeroth and Wrathion is my boy. It’s good that swearing allegiance to one leader doesn’t stop you from gaining renown with the other like the previous rival factions, otherwise I have to assume Sabellian would be completely left behind. Wrathion has been loyal to Azeroth for a decade, and it’s only fitting that we remain loyal to him as well. Sabelian could be a great leader, but until he proves himself, I’m sticking with Wrathion.

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