600,000 Samsung devices pose fire risks

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But things got even worse for specific washing machine models this week. More than half a million machines on the market as of June 2021 are being recalled due to potential fire hazards. They could cause smoke, fire, and even property damage.

Read on for all the details you need to keep your home safe.

Here’s the backstory

Imagine that you start doing the laundry and leave the room. Suddenly, you smell smoke but you don’t know where it’s coming from. Eventually, you will need medical treatment for smoke inhalation.

According to the recall report, this has happened to at least three Samsung washing machine owners. Samsung officials know of 51 instances of washing machines doing things they’re not supposed to do, such as:

  • releasing smoke.
  • melting.
  • excessive heating.
  • starting fires.

As scary as it sounds, it can get worse. In 10 of these situations, the washing machines damaged the property. There are even burst problems, so you should check your washing machine immediately.

These smart washing machines require a software update to fix the security risk. For security, check the software to make sure it is up to date. This should be easy if you have an internet connection. If not, get a free dongle from Samsung to download the software update.

How to know if you are in danger

These machines come in white, black, champagne, and ivory color schemes. Washers with super speed features sold for between $900 and $1,500 at big box retailers like Best Buy, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released all 14 affected models. If you want to know if your machine is affected, check the label on the inside of the lid. It will tell you the model number.

Having trouble finding the label? You can also find the label on the back of your washing machine. This is what it might look like on your machine.

You can then check this list to see if you own a machine that puts you at risk. Here are the models and details directly from the CPSC website:

Model number Serial number range
WA49B5105AV/EN 01J457BT700001W to 01J457BTB00111H
WA49B5105AW/US 01J557BT700001J to 01J557BT700010D
WA49B5205AW/US 01HH57BT300006X to 01HH57BTB00932W
WA50B5100AV/US 01J257BT70001B to 01J257BTB01232B
WA50B5100AW/USA 01J357BT770001L to 01J357BT700010F
WA51A5505AC/USA 01HA57BR700003P to 01HA57BTB00346F
WA51A5505AV/EN 01H257BR600003R to 01H257BTB02018L
WA51A5505AW/US 01GY57BR600026P to 01GY57BTB00269W
WA52A5500AC/USA 01HB57BR700003Y to 01HB57BTB02968X
WA52A5500AV/EN 01H357BR600006A to 01H357BTB01820Y
WA52A5500AW/USA 01H457BR600003X to 01H457BTB01503Y
WA54A7305AV/EN 01H557BR600003P to 01H557BR800650T
WA55A7300AE/USA 01H057BR600001H to 01H057BTB05872Z
WA55A7700AV/EN 01H157BR600151Z to 01H157ZT700005K

Is your machine in danger? Check the software and update it. You can find step-by-step instructions on Samsung’s support page here.

How to update the software of your Samsung washing machine

Samsung says that Wi-Fi equipped machines should remain connected to their power source. All Wi-Fi equipped washing machines plugged in and connected to the Internet will automatically download free software repair over the air via the SmartThings app.

Don’t have the app? You can download it for free on iOS and Android devices.

If your washing machine is not Wi-Fi capable, you should stop using it immediately and contact Samsung directly for a free dongle to connect and download the repair software. Contact Samsung by email at with questions on this matter.

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