Digital wallet frees up to BRL 550.00 for users who do THIS

Users of the PicPay platform can get extra money this end of the year. That’s because the digital wallet frees up to R$550 if customers invite friends to become PicPay users. According to the company itself, it is possible to invite up to 55 people.

Every time a guest accepts the invitation, the user earns an amount. The amount goes directly to the customer’s PicPay account. This practice is part of the “Indicate and Win” promotion and can bring many advantages this end of the year.

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Digital wallet frees up to BRL 550

According to information from PicPay, the promotion works very simply. The maximum amount that the client can receive is BRL 550 because the user receives BRL 10 for each accepted referral. And the maximum number of applications is 55 people.

To participate in the promotion, PicPay customers need to generate a code in the digital wallet app and send it to friends or even family members who are not yet users. The money is paid to the sender each time the recipient becomes a customer of the platform. Payment is made within a maximum period of 48 hours.

However, this code generated in the app is only accepted in the case of new registrations in the app itself. This code must be used at the time of registration. The maximum number of referrals is 55 people per month in the “Recommend and Earn” promotion.

But how to generate the code? It is simple! Just enter the app, select the “recommend and earn” option and copy the code that appears on the screen. Then just send the code to whoever you want. Anyone who accepts the code and wants to create a PicPay account must download the app on their cell phone. The tool is available on both Android and iOS.

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What is the PicPay credit card?

Currently, PicPay still offers customers a credit card, known as PicPay Card, which is issued by Banco Origial SA. However, the card is not released immediately. Before, it is necessary to undergo a credit analysis, as it happens with all other financial entities.

To issue the card, the digital wallet charges a fee of BRL 4.90. However, if the user has a PIX key registered with PicPay itself, they are exempt from paying this amount. The flag card is Mastercard, which is accepted in several establishments not only in Brazil, but also in the world.

The card can be requested directly from the digital wallet application. The application is available in the “suggestions for you” area, followed by “ask for a card”. The applicant must inform personal data and monthly income before applying for the card. You must be over 16 years of age to apply for a credit card.

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