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Nintendo has been around for a long time in the video game business, so it makes sense that people would wonder if there are still any kids’ games from Nintendo. Here’s everything you need to know about Nintendo’s parental controls and deals.

Can you tell that there are children’s games from Nintendo?

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Ever since the NES debuted in the 1980s, there have always been children’s games from Nintendo. While Nintendo Switch offers mature experiences like infinite bioshock Y bayonet 3, it also has some amazing Nintendo kids titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Y Kirby and the forgotten land.

There are games on the Nintendo Switch for every member of the family if they like the medium. Some games even support cooperation between you and your child like Kirby Star Allies, overcooked, Y Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which require critical thinking. Check out our list of the best games for kids on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Nintendo Kid Friendly
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If you’re worried about your child playing the latest first-person shooter on Nintendo Switch, you don’t have to worry. Nintendo’s kid-friendly features are available in the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app that you can download on iOS and Android. Connect the app to your Nintendo Account by entering a registration code.

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Once the Parental Controls app is set up on your phone, you can change the following:

  • Add time limits, so you can control how long your child can play a game. If they exceed the time limit, you will be informed in the app or you can suspend the game immediately.
  • You can restrict the games your kids play based on the age rating.
  • There’s a rundown of the Nintendo kids’ games being played every day.
  • You can remove communication methods while your kids are playing online.

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