The Bunker Releases a Spooky New Trailer

Frictional Games has unveiled a short clip of their highly anticipated new entry in the viscerally horrifying and genre-innovative Amnesia series.

A new trailer is out Amnesia: The Bunker, and while the half-minute clip doesn’t reveal much, the tension and fear emanating from its visual style and haunting audio are palpable. Fans of the series, already eager to get their hands on amnesia: the bunker, they need little more to hype them up for the next game release.

The first Frictional Game entry in the series, amnesia the dark descent It came out in 2010 to rave reviews, with critics hailing the new survival horror IP as one of the scariest games of all time. It was considered such a chilling experience that players would almost dare each other to play it. Sections of the game like the sewers or the refinery became legendary among horror fans, as players couldn’t calm their nerves enough to play with them. Frictional Games would allow The Chinese Room to develop the next entry in the series while they were working on the psychological horror game, Soma. Amnesia: a machine for pigs was received less favorably among fans, and Frictional Games would take the reins again for its 2020 amnesia: rebirth, considered a return to form for the franchise, albeit with a lower ceiling than its creator.


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The new teaser trailer for Amnesia: The Bunker it is the fourth look at gameplay to come out since the game’s announcement in late November. The game, set during World War I, has its protagonist delving into a dark and ruined web of underground bunkers. This most recent trailer zooms menacingly towards a hole in a concrete wall, which appears to have been dug by a vile entity whose rabid, low-pitched growl can be heard as the trailer fades to black. The dusty room contains spent artillery shells, blood-stained concrete floors, and a discarded period-appropriate helmet with half of its owner’s brain inside. The distant sound of howling wind and hum of machinery heighten the sense of dread that surrounds the trailer.

The first three game snippets for Amnesia: The Bunker it showed the types of early 20th century implements that will be at the player’s disposal. Slow-loading revolvers, hand-cranked flashlights, and rope-pulled flares highlight how, while the protagonist is in mortal danger and being hunted, he is far from defenseless. The terrifying supernatural entities that will haunt the character throughout the game have yet to be revealed, but the unnerving sounds they make have probed the darkest corners of players’ imaginations.

For fans of Frictional Games and the Amnesia series, March 2023 can’t come soon enough. Amnesia: The Bunker It’s shaping up to be a chilling addition to the survival horror genre and the game’s method of throwing in little context-free vignettes is a fantastic way to pique interest without spoiling the terrors lurking within.

Amnesia: The Bunker launches in March 2023 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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