These are the 8 series that Netflix canceled in 2022

Without mercy and without a drop of hope for 2023, the streaming giant canceled eight series this year for not achieving the desired results; Among these are those that we will present below.

-Warrior Nun-

Created by Simon Barrie, inspired by Ben Dunn’s Warrior Nun Areala comic, it premiered in 2020 and has two seasons, telling the story of an orphaned teenager who wakes up in a morgue and discovers that a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns has killed him. he has given his superpowers and chose her to wear the halo.

– The Midnight Club-

The series starring Iman Benson, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Leah Fong and Mike Flanagan, which launched this year, only had one season of 10 episodes.

which tells the story of Leonka, a star student who enters a residence for seriously ill teenagers hoping to experience a miracle cure like the other patients, only to discover that there is a club that is available every midnight.

-Partner follow-up-

Created by Georgia Lee, it launched in August and only had one season of 10 episodes.

In which he delves into the life of Ingrid Yun, a young woman struggling to become a partner in a prestigious New York law firm.

The series is wrapped in romance and drama -pink genre-

– Destination: The Winx Saga-

It is a teen drama series based on the animated series Winx Club created by Brian Young, it had two seasons – 13 episodes –

They tell the story of fairies who attend a magical boarding school in another world, learning to master their magical powers while navigating love, rivalry, and the demons that threaten their existence.

–Domestic Wicked-

starring Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, and Sienna Agudong; It premiered in July and only had one season of 8 episodes, telling the story of Jade Wesker, who tries to escape from a world invaded by infected creatures.

– first murder-

Created by Victoria Schwab, it had one season of 8 episodes.

The series addresses the story of Calliope -Imani Lewis-, and Juliet -Sarah Catherine Hook-, two teenagers who fall in love in a very conflictive context because their families, a vampire and one of their hunters, have been at war ever since. before his birth.

– Q-force-

The animated series, created by Gabe Lidman and released in 2021, only had one season of 10 chapters.

Follow the life of a gay super spy and his motivated LGBTQ squad as they struggle to prove themselves at an agency that looks down on them.

– “Space Force-

Created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, it ran for two seasons, 17 episodes in total, and the series tells how a four-star general collaborates with an eccentric scientist to prepare a new US military agency for takeoff.

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