A GTA Online player turns his fortune into casino chips

A Grand Theft Auto Online player turns his GTA$ fortune of over 2 million into Diamond Casino chips in order to dodge some daily fees.

Because of some of the potential benefits that can result from making an exchange, one grand theft auto online the player has converted his GTA$ fortune into casino chips. Although players were already able to gamble in some way, Rockstar Games introduced the grand theft auto online Diamond Casino and Resort with an update in 2019 that has attracted countless players, including this one who has prioritized chips over cash.

A Reddit user recently shared a screenshot of his grand theft auto online except for the one where they had just traded their GTA$ for chips at the Diamond Casino. There are several daily rates in gta online which often cause players to spend more money than they expected to perform some of the tasks they are used to, such as running a Grand Theft Auto business or car delivery. In an attempt to circumvent some of these fees, this gta online the player has converted his cash into casino chips that are free from such limits, allowing the player to win more without hindrance.


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Reddit user HaloCanuck garnered nearly 10,000 upvotes for his upload showing his character standing near the spinning prize wheel at the Diamond Casino. His GTA$ has been reduced to zero in the screenshot showing his cash being converted to chips, and the player’s total coin count reaches 2,474,170 after adjustments. With over 2 million casino chips and no cash, the gta online the player intends to gamble without having his money consumed by the daily fees and return to normal play by spending his converted fortune.

Although there are multiple gta online Rates that take a player’s cash as soon as they log in, Diamond Casino offers fans some freebies like a wheel spin that can win dozens of rewards and 1,000 chips to play with. Diamond Casino chips are not reduced by daily fees in the same way as gta cash is what can add some credibility to HaloCanuck’s plan to avoid periodic drawdowns. There are many gta online casino games that players can participate in with these tokens such as Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and Tri-car poker, while the coin can also be used to buy things in the casino store.

Because HaloCanuck can win more chips than they lose in the gta online Diamond Casino, your game without GTA$ can be extended several times before your chips are reduced to zero. Given the number of bets that gta online the player will be able to do with over 2 million chips, their experiment to stay at the Diamond Casino may last for a while before they are forced to win GTA$ again.

grand theft auto online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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