Horizon 3 should build its narrative around the flight mechanics of the forbidden west

Horizon Forbidden West introduced flight into the Horizon series, and Guerrilla Games needs to greatly expand on it for the third entry.

Players were finally able to take to the skies in Horizon: Forbidden West, and they may never want to touch the ground again. While it takes a bit of time before they can unlock the ability, flying in Horizon: Forbidden West well worth the wait. The controls need a bit of work, but it’s still a great addition to the franchise, so much so that the third entry should take the concept of flight and go crazy with it.

Flying is not unlocked until one of Horizon: Forbidden West late story missions, and doesn’t play a huge role in the larger narrative. It is vital to finishing some side quests, but Aloy initially only uses it as a means to take out Regalla’s army. It feels like a fun mechanic that was added as an afterthought, but the third game has a chance to make flying an integral part of the narrative.


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Horizon 3 could feature a Skybound tribe

horizon zero dawn flight

at the end of Horizon: Forbidden West, Aloy has the power to fly and her allies are preparing for the fight against Nemesis. The fight against Nemesis will probably be the focus of horizon 3, and it looks like Aloy will need all the help she can get. There’s no reason for her to just forget about the power of flight, and it would be convincing to know that she’s not the only one on Earth who knows how to ride flying machines. The flight must be an integral part of horizon 3‘s history, and there are many ways it could happen.

One of the ways that Guerrilla could make the flight an integral part of the plot of horizon 3 is if he introduced a tribe of humans into heaven. Aloy doesn’t know what tribes exist outside of the areas he’s explored, and that leaves a vast world where anything is possible. While it might seem a little crazy that there’s a group of people who spend their days soaring through the skies in Sunwings, crazier things have happened in the Horizon franchise.

A skyward civilization would be very different from all others. Horizon tribes that Aloy has known, and could lead to new and interesting story threads. This tribe would likely live high in the mountains and use all sorts of different flying machines during their daily operations. They can use the flow of the wind to their advantage, and they probably know several flying tricks that they could teach Aloy. His soldiers would also travel through the sky, and that could lead to the introduction of aerial combat, serving as of the horizon Na’vi version of Avatar.

It is necessary to extend the flight in Horizon 3


Aloy has shared much knowledge of ancient technology with her allies, and she might as well grant them flight. They will have to use all the resources at their disposal if they are to have any chance of beating Nemesis in horizon 3, and that means they may want to know how to fly. Each of his allies could be riding a Sunwing into battle, and it could be glorious. Horizon: Forbidden West the flight is also limited to one type of machine, but horizon 3 I could expand the roster a bit. Players could tame three different ground mounts and should be allowed to tame more than one flying mount.

There are numerous flying machines in nature, and it would be great if Aloy could fly through the skies on them. Glinthawks and Skydrifters seem like perfect additions to the roster, and Guerrilla could create new ones as well. Guerrilla opened the floodgates when he introduced flying to the franchise, and he needs to expand a lot in the third inning. Not only should the controls feel more natural, but flying should feel like an important part of Aloy’s fight against Nemesis. This fight will be his biggest challenge, and the power of flight should be one of his most valuable tools.

Horizon: Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5

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