How to beat Yosuke’s shadow in Persona 4 Golden’s twisted shopping district

in the beginning of persona 4 golden, you and your friends will need to wake up your Personas before they can run through the Midnight Canal trying to save the residents of Inaba. Yu will wake up with his, Izanagi, at the beginning of the Twisted Shopping District, but once you venture inside, you’ll face your first mini-boss: Shadow Yosuke.

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Revealing secrets about how Yosuke feels out of place and fed up, it’s up to you to help him face his true self. If you need help getting through the fight with Yosuke’s Shadow in P4G, you’ve come to the right place.


This article contains spoilers for the Persona 4 Golden story.

How to Fight Yosuke’s Shadow

After discovering a Midnight Channel version of Saki Konishi inside Konishi Liquors and hearing her consider Yosuke annoying, your friend is shocked.

As he staggers, a second Yosuke comes out, this one with glowing yellow eyes. They will be his indication that he is talking to one of his friends. darkness.

After a bit of conversation, Shadow Yosuke transforms into a Persona and the fight begins.

Shadow Yosuke’s fight

Now that you’ve just awakened your own Persona, Yosuke’s Shadow is a good time to practice and learn the mechanics of the game.

However, since Yosuke hasn’t awakened his Persona yet, you’re fighting Shadow Yosuke alone.

As soon as the fight starts, Yosuke’s Shadow will hit you with a wind attack, which Izanagi is weak to. it’s from the game tutorial on affinitiesso Persona 4 Golden takes this opportunity to teach you What Guard.

Once you are on your feet use any healing item like Medicine for HP or Soul Drops to recover SP if needed.

Using items consumes your turn in battle though, so choose wisely.

shadow yosuke knocking you down with a wind attack in person 4 golden

Fortunately, Izanagi can use electric attackswhich is perfect, like Shadow Yosuke is weak to them.

To gain advantage in battle, the best thing to do is to use the move zio, your Persona’s electric elemental attack. This will knock Shadow Yosuke down, offering you a second turn free Just to exploit your weakness.

Using Zio again can’t more Lower the shade though, so you won’t gain an extra advantage by using it a second time.

If you’re trying to conserve your SP, the move Adhere it is based on your HP instead of your SP.

The fastest way to dispatch Yosuke’s Shadow is to use a continuous combination of Zio, then Cleave. Exploiting Shadow Yosuke’s weakness (and any shadow, for that matter) is your ticket to victory.

However, Shadow Yosuke will go on the offensive if given the chance. If you see him use power chargeit is a safe option to tell Yu that Guard.

teddie instructing the protagonist to fend off yosuke's shadow in persona 4 golden

Power Charge is the first stage of the move. wind of oblivionwhich will damage you quite a bit, in addition to hitting you. you instead, giving Shadow Yosuke the same advantage he had with the Zio-Cleave combo.

Continue this barrage of damage trading until, finally, Shadow Yosuke is defeated.

Yosuke awakens his person

After the battle, Yosuke will shudder and have to admit to both the group and himself that what the Shadow was saying is his true thoughts.

To get it to do this, choose “You are still yourself.”

yosuke hanamura out of konishi spirits waking up his character, jiraya, in person 4 golden

It gives Yosuke the strength to admit his true feelings and awaken his Persona, jirayahe still keeps his focus on wind elementals now that Yosuke is in control.

Now you can add your friend to your group the next time you go to TV, giving you a second party member to use in the battles ahead.

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