How to get the Dragon Communion Seal

The Seal of the Dragon’s Communion increases Dragon’s Communion enchantments and has a weight cost of 0, so it’s worth getting for Elden Ring players.

There are a lot of unique constructions in elden ring, and items like the Dragon Communion Seal allow niche builds to shine. Many powerful dragon-like bosses in elden ring it drops Dragon Hearts as rewards, and these Dragon Hearts can be exchanged for special Dragon Communion enchantments that are equally powerful and intimidating.

The Dragon Communion Seal is specifically designed to strengthen these spells, and players will want to track it down. Here’s how to get the item and what it offers relative to other stamps.


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How to get the Dragon Communion Seal

The Dragon Communion Seal is found in the Tomb of the Fringefolk Hero, a dungeon hidden behind an imp statue at the start of the game. The entrance to Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is directly next to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace and requires two Stonesword Keys to enter.

Entering the Tomb of the Fringefolk Hero

As with other dungeons in the “Hero’s Tomb” category, this area is defined by the chariots that race along a fixed set of paths, seeking to mow down the Tarnished. This area is particularly frustrating for many players, who may find this one of their first challenges. What makes matters worse is the fact that new players will find it extremely difficult to clear this dungeon, as its final boss, an Ulcerated Tree Spirit, is meant to be taken on by higher level players.

Players can obtain the Seal of the Dragon’s Communion without challenging the boss, granting early access to the item. However, they will still have to climb a steep hill to get the item.

To get the Seal of Dragon’s Communion, follow the main path up a couple of inclines until the path narrows. Once the path narrows there is a left turn followed by a fork. Go right and go up the ramp. This leads to a long, winding road filled with exiled soldiers, with the wagon following the entire way. If the player can make it to the end, they are greeted by a ghostly banished knight.

When defeated, this Banished Knight drops the Dragon’s Communion Seal. This opponent will be quite difficult for low level players, but it is possible to take the win if the player wants to commit to a Dragon Communion build early. If players wait, they can destroy the cart to make this dungeon easier.

Tarnished wielding the Seal of the Dragon's Communion in the Church of the Dragon's Communion in Caelid

Is the Dragon Communion Seal good?

The Seal of the Communion of the Dragon has a unique scale and attributes that make it very good for Communion of the Dragon and Frenzied Flame enchantments.. However, most players will want to look towards other labels.

The Seal of the Communion of the Dragon increases the special enchantments of the Communion of the Dragon by +15%. These are the spells that are unlocked after defeating boss dragons like Flying Dragon Agheel and are purchased with Dragon Hearts.

On top of that, it offers a solid grade scale with the Arcane stat, something few other sigils offer. High Arcane scaling helps with debuff stacking, making it easier to afflict enemies with status effects like Scarlet Rot and Madness. This is invaluable, as most of the Dragon’s Communion enchantments have arcane prerequisites and are useful for Frenzy Flame enchantments due to their ability to stack Madness.

The Seal of the Dragon’s Communion isn’t as valuable with enchantments that aren’t classified as Dragon’s Communion, and it doesn’t hold up well once players start reaching very high levels of faith. Depending on the player’s build and what enchantments they are prioritizing, other sigils may be preferable towards the end of the game.

elden ring is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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