iOS 16.3: Brilliant new iPhone feature coming next week

Apple’s iOS 16.3 update is coming soon, along with a shiny new iPhone security feature for everyone … [+] should know about
Apple’s iOS 16.3 update is coming soon, along with a shiny new iPhone security feature everyone should know about. Last month, I reported on how Apple is increasing iPhone security by making passkeys more widely available, something the iPhone maker had already confirmed in an announcement.
Now it became known that this feature is likely to come in iOS 16.3 as it is included in the Beta version of the software.
When iOS 16.3 is released, it will include the ability to use security keys to protect your Apple ID and iCloud account. That means that since iOS 16.3, a physical key like the Yubico YubiKey can be used as another layer of protection.
The new feature will be easy to use once you have a key: 9to5Mac reports that once you authenticate for the first time, you won’t have to do it again when setting up a new iPhone as long as you use the device-to-device feature. setup process.
There are many reasons to use security keys in iOS 16.3, mostly because they are a great technology that really helps improve the security of the iPhone. In iOS 16.3, security keys will replace the passcodes sent to your iPhone when you sign in on another device.
In case you’re not familiar, security keys are a hardware-based token that people use for two-factor authentication. This is the “gold standard” of security on your accounts, consisting of a password and at least one other factor, such as a hardware key or biometric data, such as Face ID or Touch ID.
Two-factor authentication using security keys is one of the goals of the FIDO Alliance, of which Apple is a member, a group that wants to eradicate passwords altogether.
Security keys are one of the best ways to authenticate an account, says Jake Moore, ESET Global Cybersecurity Advisor. He says the physical protection offered by security keys allows people to securely log into their accounts with the confidence of knowing that malicious adversaries will “go a long way” to compromise them.
“The only downside is that a lot of people still don’t trust or understand the technology,” Moore says.
Security keys are especially important for “prominent or high-profile people,” such as journalists or politicians, Moore says. “Being confident in communication is increasingly difficult as cybercriminals become more sophisticated at intercepting messages,” she warns.
Adding security keys in iOS 16.3 is simple: go to Settings > Password & Security > Add Security Keys and follow the prompts.
Apple’s iOS 16.3 builds on features released in iOS 16.2, including Advanced Data Protection, which sees end-to-end encryption expanded to more iCloud categories, like iCloud Backup, Notes, and Photos.
So when will iOS 16.3 arrive? There is no way to know for sure, but the new iPhone software is in the second Beta version, having released the first Beta in mid-December. Obviously, the holidays will have slowed things down a bit, so we expect to see iOS 16.3 in late February or early March. Keep an eye on my Forbes page for updates.

Apple has confirmed that iOS 16.3 will arrive much sooner than people expected. Like David Phelan from Forbes writesApple let the approximate release date slip by announcing some exciting additions to celebrate Black History Month:
“The Unity 2023 watch face will be available next week and requires Apple Watch Series 4 or later with watchOS 9.3, and iPhone 8 or later and iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later with iOS 16.3,” Apple’s announcement reads.


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