The studio behind Total War is making an FPS, and you can sign up to play it this weekend

Creative Assembly, the people who make all those Total War games and once also made our 2014 GOTY Alien: Isolation (opens in a new tab), will be releasing a pull-out shooter sometime this year. It’s called Hyenas, and despite some members of the press and early testers taking a good look at it last year, publisher Sega hasn’t shown the game publicly since its reveal.

That’s why this weekend should be particularly interesting: Creative Assembly is ramping up its playtesting between January and April, with the first of four alpha weekends starting tomorrow, January 20. You can sign up for playtests (opens in a new tab) on the official site of Hyenas. Please note that you are not guaranteed access (I have not been invited yet). Here’s the full alpha schedule:

  • Weekend 1: January 20-23
  • Weekend 2: February 17-20
  • Weekend 3: March 10-13
  • Weekend 4: March 31 to April 3

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