This “powerful” and “raw” movie just debuted at #1 on Netflix

When a movie hits Netflix and immediately hits the top of the charts, we take notice. Here’s what happened when this gut-wrenching thriller hit the platform on January 11. Noise (Noise) debuted as the #1 foreign-language film on the Netflix charts and still haunts viewers who have seen it thus far.

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In the film, Julia is a mother, or rather, one of many mothers, sisters, daughters and colleagues whose lives have been torn apart by widespread violence in a country waging war against its women. Julia looks for Ger, her daughter. And in her search for her, she will go through the stories and struggles of the different women she will meet.

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Noise It was directed by Natalia Beristain. It was written by Natalia Beristain, Diego Enrique Osorno and Alo Valenzuela. The film stars Julieta Egurrola, Teresa Ruiz and Erick Israel Consuelo.

Many viewers were moved by the story and took to Twitter to discuss the issues it raises. Why Noise is bringing conversations about sex trafficking, missing women and children in Mexico, to a streamer as accessible as Netflix, is highlighting just how bigger of a problem this is than some viewers knew.

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Noise Poster: Fans Call This Netflix Movie Off The Best Lists

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We love seeing an international movie land on Netflix and not only soar to the number one spot, but also make an impact while doing so. It’s especially impressive when the movie seemingly comes out of nowhere. Let us know if you have already seen Noise. Or if she plans to add it to her queue. You can let me know at @misssharai

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