Age of Wonders 4 arrives after a 9-year hiatus

Nine years after the release of Age of Wonders 3, Paradox Interactive is finally revealing Age of Wonders 4 to the masses.

wonderland 4 was recently announced during the Paradox Interactive stream and developer Triumph Studio. The surprise and excitement are just as palpable among fans of Paradox Interactive games as the latest iteration, wonderland 3it was released nine years ago.

He wonderland The franchise is famous for its combination of 4X strategy and turn-based combat in a fantasy setting. Other 4X games include Stellaris, Civilizationand the newest in the genre, Dune: Spice Wars. wonderland 3 it was critically acclaimed everywhere; critics praised it for its battle system and the design of the different worlds, and it had strong sales figures. So why did fans have to wait so long for a sequel? It seems a mystery.


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The announcement stream shared with Triumph Studios has launched on Paradox’s YouTube and Twitch channels. After a brief introduction from streamer and host cKnoor, the stream kicked off with the trailer for wonderland 4, which revealed the planned release date of May 2, 2023. Immediately afterwards, cKnoor had an in-depth conversation with Triumph Studio Director Lennart Sas and Community Developer Jordi Engel. Engel revealed that the conceptualization of wonderland 4 started around November 2019, shortly after the release of Age of Wonders: Fall of the Planet, which is the science fiction version of the series. Sas highlighted the variety of customization options. wonderland 4 has in store for fans, where, as rulers, you can create your own empire by mixing body shapes, social traits, and arcane powers.

Sas went on to explain that while players will be able to choose their preferred combination at the start of the game, they won’t be bound by their choice. Along the wonderland 4, players will be able to tailor their faction’s playstyle based on the type of enemies they encounter or even the type of victory condition the player is pursuing. But beyond discussing wonderland 4During the stream, Triumph Studio also showed off the actual gameplay where it demonstrated just how highly customizable the game will really be. Players will be able to customize the world the game takes place in and the rule they will control, but of course there will also be pre-made options available for those who want a simpler experience.

Players who are fans of 4X games will rejoice at the announcement of wonderland 4, especially considering how soon the game will be released after the announcement. Paradox Interactive had great success last year with the release of win 3and it’s entirely possible wonderland 4 The good run will continue.

wonderland 4 It is expected to release on May 2, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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