Anime Souls Simulator Codes (January 2023)

Check out the new codes for Anime Souls Simulator, a Roblox anime game about collecting powerful characters. Redeem these job codes for rewards.

We add new codes in January 20, 2023, for the most recent update and as a milestone.

Welcome to Anime Souls Simulator! This Roblox game is an anime-inspired collecting game, where the goal is to build a powerful army of warriors, defeat NPCs, bosses, and complete quests to level up and earn souls. With those souls, you can replay some of your favorite anime characters and explore new worlds.

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We are looking for new Anime Souls Simulator Codes every day. The game is new and popular, so we expect many more rewards to be released soon.

anime soul simulator codes





150 souls and free potion!

Asset (NEW CODE)


2 energy potions

Asset (NEW CODE)


1 lucky potion

Asset (NEW CODE)


1 damage potion



50 energy and 1 pot of energy



100 free energy and damage



50 souls and 1 luck potion


Roblox codes are case sensitive – that just means you need to copy the code exactly as it appears in the table, with matching capital letters, numbers, and punctuation; otherwise the code will not work when you try to redeem it.


How to redeem codes in Anime Souls Simulator

How to redeem codes in Anime Souls Simulator with Arrow

  • Click on the blue shaped white tick in the menu on the left (shown in the image above)
  • Enter the code in the box
  • redeem and enjoy

Does the code not work? The game is still new so we expect all the codes to work for a while, but if the code doesn’t work, please make sure that you copied it correctly. If that still doesn’t work, the code may have expired and you’ll need to check again soon for any new codes.

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What are Anime Souls Simulator codes?

Anime Souls Simulator Character Update Page

Anime Souls Simulator codes are free rewards distributed by the developer (Paida!) and can be redeemed for free souls Y free booster potions. These are a great way to give you a boost in the game. New codes are released for similar milestones and potentially for new updates. Stay tuned to see if more codes are released.

How to get more codes

Kuzira Enemy Bounties

New codes are published on the game page and Twitteror in the Discord community; However, there are a lot of games on Discord and old codes are removed from the game page regularly, so we just collected all the codes here, so you know where to find the latest rewards.

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