Apple will roll out the iOS 16.3 update for the iPhone 14 pro next week

Goodbye yellow line: Apple will roll out the iOS 16.3 update for the iPhone 14 pro next week (Image:

Delhi : When some iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max screens are on or unlocked, horizontal yellow lines may appear. Apple is working on a fix for this problem. In an internal memo published last week, Apple acknowledged the flaw and promised a patch. According to the latest information, the company will fix the issue in the next version of iOS.

The iOS 16.3 update, which is now in beta testing, will fix the issue, which has been seen in Apple’s release notes for the software update. The stable edition of iOS 16.3 is supposed to arrive next week, and Apple has apparently distributed release candidates to developers for testing.

Apple has confirmed the upcoming iOS16 update. The update will include three major additions, starting with a new notice to transfer music from an iPhone to a HomePod.

The update is scheduled to include new security keys, which will be available worldwide early this year. The feature mainly allows users to employ hardware security keys to further protect their Apple account. It’s essentially an added layer of security on top of Apple’s two-factor authentication, which requires a hardware security key as one of the two factors instead of a verification code from another Apple device.

Apple is also said to have changed the language of various Emergency SOS settings in the Settings app to make them easier to understand.

“Call Hold & Release” has replaced “Call Hold”, “Countdown Sound” is now “Call Silent” and “5 Press Call” is now “5 Button Press Call”. In addition, the descriptions of each have been revised. According to the complaint, “Call Silent” is off by default, making “Countdown Sound” the default setting.

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