Apple’s classical music app is in the iOS 16.3 release candidate code

Hidden code in the iOS 16.3 release candidate reveals that Apple is still working to implement its standalone classical music app.

Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music service, in August last year and announced that the company will release an app in 2022. However, the plan has not been completed and the Cupertino-based company did not mention when the app will be released. .

However, it was recently discovered that Apple intends to continue releasing the app: Hidden code changes were detected in the Music app, for example, “Open in Apple Music Classical” as well as “Browse this artist in the app.” designed for classical music. .’ iOS 16.3 is currently in the final stage of beta testing and is believed to be released to the public next week.

References to the classical music app were also found in the iOS 15.5 beta, an XML file from Apple’s server, and Apple Music for Android.

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