Best new TV shows and movies this weekend (January 20)

This weekend, Netflix will add the sequel series to That ’70s Show, a French historical drama TV series and a French comedy TV series.

This weekend, Netflix is adding a 1990s-set TV series, a French historical drama TV series, and a French comedy TV series to add some balance. Last weekend, the streaming giant didn’t see much licensed content added to its catalog, with the limited series scattered barriersthe indian movie Thai massageand nollywood movie the waitbut he brought the true crime documentary The Hitchhiker Wielding Hatcherseason 2 of Vikings: Valhallaand the drama film dog goneStarring Rob Lowe.


This weekend, Netflix will add a variety of licensed content, with the first seasons of the Japanese TV series. miu404 Y Quartetthe thriller the devil to playthe documentary The Pez Outlawkorean tv series season 1 Wake upthe turkish documentary Sweetieseason 28 of The real worldand season 2 of the anime series Murderer of demons. As for original content, Netflix will be bringing one of its most anticipated TV shows, which just so happens to be the sequel to a beloved sitcom, along with a historical drama TV series and a French comedy series. Here are the best movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this weekend, January 20.

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that 90s show

that 90s show

The TV series sequel to the beloved sitcom That 70’s Show is now available to stream on Netflix, and is welcoming the audience to Point Place… but in 1995. Leia Forman (Callie Haverda), the daughter of Eric and Donna, is visiting her grandparents, Kitty and Red, for the summer, and she’s desperate. for some adventure or at least a best friend who is not his father. Leia finds exactly what she’s looking for when she meets Gwen, Kitty, and Red’s wayward neighbor, who along with her friends, takes Leia on different adventures that may or may not have happened to Eric and his friends in the 1970s. Of course, Kitty is happy to have Leia and her friends home, but the same can’t be said for Red. Along with a new breed of troublemakers, that 90s show will welcome the original cast, with Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama as special guests.

women at war

women at war netflix

women at war (original title: the fighters) is a French historical drama television series created by Cécile Lorne. Set in 1914 France, it sees the fates of four women intersect: Marguerite de Lancastel (Audrey Fleurot), a mysterious sex worker; Caroline Dewitt (Sofia Essaïdi), director of the family factory; Agnes (Julie De Bona), the mother superior of a requisitioned convent; and Suzanne Faure (Camille Lou), a feminist nurse. They are each dealing with their own problems in every area of ​​their lives, all while French forces try to stop the Germans from invading Paris.


Represent In Place Netflix

Represent (original title: Instead) is a French comedy television series. It is the story of a youth center leader (played by Jean-Pascal Zadi) from the suburbs of Paris who becomes a candidate in the presidential election; however, the real question is whether France is really ready for a black president. also starring Represent They are Marina Foïs, Benoît Poelvoorde, Eric Judor and Fadily Camara.

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