Bungie Makes Long-Requested Changes To Destiny 2’s Blue Engrams

Destiny 2’s next update will bring with it a change that the gaming community has been asking for to make gear and loot management a bit easier.

Recent and upcoming changes to fate 2 They are addressing many long-standing requests from the community, and the next update will continue this trend by making changes to blue engram drops to make managing gear and rewards a bit easier. Team management has always been a contentious point within the game, be it the question of vault space or the placement of new skins on pre-existing weapon models, the latter of which was seen in light fallTrailer of The Game Awards. With this change, players will no longer have to worry about potentially losing better gear sitting in the postmaster due to random blue engram drops in the world.


fate 2The current season of Season of the Seraph, is the final season of the game’s fifth year and will set the stage for the upcoming battle with Calus and The Witness in light fall. The season tasks players with rebuilding and awakening Warmind Rasputin with the help of Brays, Mara Sov, and Osiris to assist in the upcoming battle with The Witness and his disciples. However, the hive god of war, Xivu Arath, also seeks to reclaim Warmind’s dormant arsenal to turn it against The Last City and its allies, along with the trove of secrets within Rasputin’s databanks.

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Bungie has already been making changes to the game in preparation for the next expansion’s release on February 28, 2023, with more expected in the coming weeks. In the latest TWAB post, the studio said that one of these changes will cause blue engrams to stop dropping from world drops for players once they hit the soft cap for gear power for that expansion or season. Instead, a Glimmer Ball will drop into place with the equivalent amount that players would get for completely dismantling the blue team.

All the various loot rarities in Destiny 2 in one stack

The change to blue engrams also brings with it an adjustment to Gunsmith leveling, as the decommissioning of Blue gear helped players work towards raising their Gunsmith level with Banshee-44. Bungie recognizes this and will, in response, increase “Gunsmith Reputation Gains by +25%.” The studio also acknowledged that the change may not affect all of the game’s blue drops, but it should cast a wide enough net to help alleviate player frustrations. .

As mentioned above, the change has been one that veteran players have been asking Bungie for a few years to help make gear and reward management easier. This was due to blue gear becoming useless once players hit the soft cap and simply taking up inventory space, potentially costing players the gear they have been chasing in certain activities. That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see players celebrate this change alongside the upcoming build changes in light fall which Bungie recently outlined in a separate blog post.

fate 2 It is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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