Creative Assembly Announces Alpha Testing Dates And FPS Hyenas Game Map

Alpha testing plans for Creative Assembly’s upcoming shooter Hyenas confirm that invited players can start playing before the end of January.

Creative Assembly has announced the dates of its upcoming PC alpha tests for the sci-fi shooter. hyenas, starting with an event before the end of January. Multiple alpha tests are planned for hyenas over the next few months as Creative Assembly gathers data and feedback on its sci-fi multiplayer game. This is also Creative Assembly’s opportunity to create excitement for hyenasa new IP that will have to build an audience through word of mouth.

hyenas was first announced in June 2022 as a sci-fi multiplayer FPS by the developers of Alien: Isolation and the Total war Serie. Suffice to say, there was immediately some surprise that Creative Assembly decided to shift focus to multiplayer FPS. The announcement trailer for hyenas left even more people confused, with a game that seemed heavily influenced by apex legends Y Supervisionbut the text descriptions hint at a more Escape from Tarkov Playstyle The alpha tests will have to answer a lot of questions.


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Rather than just announce an alpha test, Creative Assembly revealed what it calls hyenasPC Alpha timeline. The timeline is made up of four different alpha test weekends, each of which will be invite-only. The first test, Weekend 1, is scheduled for this coming weekend. Between January 20 and 23, interested shooter fans lucky enough to be invited will be able to try hyenas for the first time. It is not clear if alpha testing will be under NDA.

Weekend 2 to Weekend 4 hyenas Alpha testing will take place monthly through April. Weekend 2 runs from February 17-20, Weekend 3 runs from March 10-13, and Weekend 4 starts on March 31 and ends on April 3. Chances are Creative Assembly will do more testing, run a beta, and even develop an open beta. , further down the line. For now though, it’s just these closed alpha tests confirmed for hyenas.

As part of the PC Alpha Timeline reveal, Creative Assembly also revealed a new hyenas map called Manhattan. Manhattan features iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the iconic “We Are Happy to Serve You” Greek coffee cup, sections of the Brooklyn Bridge and more, transported to a space station as a sort of Earth museum. When Creative Assembly said hyenas Players will rob the rich, this piece-filled space station of Manhattan should help convey just how rich.

Those interested in seeing what hyenas it’s about, either more apex legends either Escape from Tarkov, you can register for the alpha test on the game’s official website. Not everyone is guaranteed to be invited, but there’s nothing wrong with signing up. Expect to hear a lot more about hyenas in the coming weeks and months.

hyenas It is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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