‘Extreme Venomverse’ releases symbiotes from the Marvel Multiverse

In honor of the 35th anniversary of Venom, Marvel Comics will kick off Symbiote Summer, a season-long celebration of all things symbiotes, including new symbiote-centric titles, characters, and more.

Readers got their first taste of the symbiote madness that awaits them in yesterday’s previewwhich heralded the foreboding DEATH OF VENOMVERSE… but before that epic begins, fans will witness the Venomverse expand like never before in a new limited series, EXTREME VENOMVERSE!

Launching in May, EXTREME VENOMVERSE will take fans to unknown corners of the hive in all-new stories from an all-star lineup of talent. In the same spirit as the recent hit series, EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE, this landmark new series will feature jaw-dropping turning points for iconic characters like Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock and see never-before-seen Venoms bar their fangs for the very first time! time! But this exciting tour through the Marvel multiverse is headed for an explosive destination, and it remains to be seen if your favorite new symbiotes will survive this summertime saga…

Here are the three titanic stories fans can look forward to in the debut issue:

  • Comic book superstars Ryan North and Paulo Siqueira put a fresh and exciting spin on a story you may be familiar with…starring Eddie Brock as…SPIDER-MAN?!
  • Rising star Mirka Andolfo shows you a side of the entire Brock family that you NEVER thought you’d see!
  • And one of the best writer/artists in the industry today, Leonardo Romero, reimagines Venom as a Samurai!

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