Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 3 Hostilities Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 3 not only moves the story forward, but also gives players and Alloy their first real combat situation.

The third chapter of Fire Emblem Engage gives players a clue to the progress of the plot. After a couple of quick fights with the Queen, someone attacked the castle. Alear is forced to part ways with her mother and heads to the Emblem Ring room to prevent the enemies from taking any of the rings. It’s time for Alear’s first battle royale, and players will need to be on their toes for this one. For anyone new to fire emblem Y Tactic-Like the games, they can have a bit of trouble keeping track of everything important in these battles.


battle tips


Players will notice that there will be many more types of enemies in this battle; they will need to start keeping an eye on what types of units are up against what types of units and also keep track of the types of units. In this battle, players will see sword, ax and spear users, martial arts and ranged users, armored units and magic users, and fire emblem types of drives such as backup.

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The three main types of melee weapons and other types of weapons in Fire Emblem Engage each has strengths and weaknesses. If players attack one of these with something strong against it, the enemy unit will lose the ability to counterattack.

  • The sword is strong against the axe.
  • The ax is strong against the spear.
  • Lance is strong against swords.
  • Martial arts are strong against distance.
  • Magic users are strong against armored units.

Another great thing to keep in mind is that units gain XP based on the number of units they kill, so players should not kill all enemies with one unit. Distribute kills as much as possible among all units in Fire Emblem Engageone of the most anticipated games of January 2023.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 3 Battle

Most of Chapter 3 will be about this battle. Players will have various units to defeat, including some backup and flying units. Fortunately, they will get help pretty quickly. On the second turn, players will gain three new allies.


  • Ranged: An archer named Etie to defeat flying units.
  • Melee: Boucheron ax fighter. He is strong against flyers and also has backup.
  • Melee: A mounted unit named Alfred.

Players must carefully defeat units, keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses. However, if players make a mistake, none of them should be able to defeat them, so don’t worry too much about losing units. However, players must restart the game and fight if they lose too much.


The boss of this battle is an armored unit, so make sure you use a fire emblem magic user like Clane takes it out. Melee users will not be able to break his guard on their own. This should end this battle very quickly.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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