First Look at ‘Immoral X-Men’ #1 Pits Emma Frost Against Mister Sinister

Mutantkind’s future looks pretty ominous in a new first look at Kieron Gillen and Paco Medina’s X-MEN IMMORAL (2023) #1which takes place a decade after SINS OF SINIESTRO.

Before IMMORTAL X-MEN became IMMORAL X-MEN, the title offered a shocking revelation: Mister Sinister had corrupted Professor X, a leading member of the Quiet Council. Even though Sinister himself was banished to the Pit of Exile for the crime of killing Hope Summers, a critical member of the Five, his plan may continue with his representative in command… but even Sinister can’t predict where. That will leave you at ten. dwarves.

In IMMORAL X-MEN #1, a decade has passed since Mister Sinister successfully enacted his plan. Now, the X-Men exist in a world that adores and respects them…and yet they still yearn to crush it. Meanwhile, Emma Frost will take her frustrations out on her by taking a few minutes to crush Mister Sinister.

A special first look at IMMORAL X-MEN #1 finds Professor X and Emma Frost sporting Sinister’s signature red diamond on their foreheads as they enjoy another beautiful day on Krakoa. Meanwhile, Sinister seems to be roaming the city streets a free man… until Emma finds him hard at work in her lab, at least. She attacks him with a chain, only for him to fight back with one of his inventions. However, his attempts to resist him are futile, with Emma drowning him as she contemplates his latest creation: HOUSE OF X / POWERS OF X Rasputin.

Check out Mister Sinister’s latest creation in this special first look at IMMORAL X-MEN #1 below!

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