Google removes ‘Smart Reply’ suggestions from the Voice app on Android and iOS

Google removed Smart Reply suggestions that appeared at the bottom of Voice app messages on Android and iOS.

The company introduced the feature last year in February.

According to 9to5Google, this simple function looked at the most recently received message and suggested up to three contextual responses.

These pills would appear above the “Write a message” field with Smart Reply being sent immediately on tap.

Google Voice release notes on the Play Store and App Store confirm the removal: “Smart Replies are no longer supported,” the report says.

Meanwhile, Google released the standalone “Switch Access” app on the Play Store, which was originally part of the Android Accessibility Suite.

The app allows users to interact with their Android device using one or more switches or a keyboard instead of the touch screen.

“Control your phone or tablet using the switches or the front camera. You can use the switches to select items, scroll, enter text, and more. Switch access can be useful if you can’t directly interact with your device,” according to Switch Access. on the page.

The app scans the items on users’ screens and highlights each item until they make a selection.



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