Here’s everything you need to know about Wahid Badami’s new Marvans Digital vertical under the Marvans Mobile brand

Communication has become the need of the present time. And for the same reason, people are digitally connected through social media platforms and other networking applications. Thanks to smartphones and other electronic devices that have made our lives easier. People buy smartphones based on their preferences.

A certain section of people may be iOS lovers, but there is also a loyal fan base of Android lovers. Wahid Badami’s Marvans Mobile, a destination for Apple products, ultimately decided to offer Android devices through a new vertical under Marvans Mobile called Marvans Digital.

Yes, you read that right. As Marvans Mobile completes a decade in 2023, Badami has thought about expanding the brand by incorporating different verticals. Marvans Digital will be the first of many parent companies to launch under Marvans Mobile. It will be an e-commerce platform just like the Marvans Mobile online store – However, Marvans Digital will allow users to buy and sell Android smartphones at a much better price than the market.

Simply put, people can trade in phones at Marvans Digital while shopping for a new smartphone. It is important to know that Marvans Digital will have smartphones from premium brands such as Samsung, Google and OnePlus. Entrepreneur Wahid Badami aims to cater to the audience that prefers premium smartphones to budget smartphones. Therefore, Marvans Digital will help the company increase its market presence as a pioneer in selling premium Android devices at the best price.

The new vertical under Marvans Mobile is said to launch this January. Wahid Badami’s team is currently in the testing phase until they unveil the new Marvans Digital e-commerce platform. With Marvans Mobile having a loyal customer base for Apple products, Wahid Badami is hopeful of scaling Marvans Digital to the same heights.

“We realized that our offer was limited. Apple products have been our niche, but after understanding market trends and audience preferences, we thought of expanding the brand with Android smartphones under the Marvans Digital online store,” Wahid said.

It would be interesting to know about the launch of the new vertical. Like Marvans Mobile, Marvans Digital will have online delivery across India. Apart from this, Wahid Badami has another vertical called Marvans Cases, a hub for all electronic accessories.

Not just this, there was news earlier that Wahid Badami’s retail store Marvans Mobile will be expanding its outlets in different parts of India and other Asian countries. It looks like 2023 is a year of expansion and growth for Badami, and he leaves no stone unturned in taking his company to new heights.

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