HomePod error: how to fix the setup or update problem

In December, Apple released a major expansion of its end-to-end encryption for iCloud in the US, and the feature rolled out worldwide with iOS 16.3 RC (public release next week). As it turns out, Apple has shared that there is a HomePod bug where they cannot be configured or updated if Advanced Data Protection has been enabled and the smart speaker is not running at least HomePod 16.2 software. Fortunately, there are two ways to fix it, here’s how.

Discovered by Bloomberg gurman brandApple published a new support document that covers “what to do if you can’t set up or update your HomePod after enabling Advanced Data Protection.”

Those who choose a new HomePod mini could be affected, as well as those trying to set up or upgrade an older full-size HomePod. And with the new HomePod 2 on its way to customers soon, they may ship with 16.1 software depending on how long they’ve been in the box.

It is not clear for now if the bug will be resolved with the public release of iOS 16.3.

How to fix HomePod error

How to update HomePod mini using a Mac or PC

  1. Disconnect your HomePod mini from the power brick and connect the USB-C cable to your computer
  2. for Mac, open search engine (for PC, open iTunes)
  3. Click on your HomePod when it appears (bottom left sidebar of the Finder on Mac)
  4. Choose Restore HomePod to update to the latest software
  5. Once it’s installed, you can disconnect your HomePod mini from your computer, reconnect it to the power brick, and set up your HomePod by holding your iPhone close to it.

How to update HomePod by turning off Advanced Data Protection

For full-size HomePod 1 and 2 or if you can’t upgrade your HomePod mini with a Mac/PC, you can use this option.

Apple says: “If you choose to temporarily turn off Advanced Data Protection, you should turn it back on immediately after your HomePod software updates. Until you turn Advanced Data Protection back on, your account uses standard data protection.”

  1. Disable advanced data protection via iPhone by going to settings > Your name > iCloud > Advanced data protection
  2. If you received an error message when you previously tried to set up your HomePod, you may need to reset your HomePod
  3. Update your HomePod to the latest software using the Home app
  4. Turn Advanced Data Protection back on with iPhone settings > Your name > iCloud > Advanced data protection

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