HomePod software update brings new features for each model

Apple announced the second-generation HomePod on Wednesday with some nice new features, many of which are coming to existing models with software version 16.3 due next week.

The new second-generation HomePod is packed with Apple innovations, intelligence from Siri, and smart home capabilities, while delivering a truly innovative listening experience.

Wesley Hilliard for Apple Insider:

HomePod mini and the new HomePod have built-in temperature and humidity sensors that will activate with the update. Users with multiple HomePods in their home will be able to see the current temperature and humidity for each room within the Apple Home app.

Siri is also getting more powerful with new commands and response protocols. Users can set up recurring home automations just by speaking to Siri, and actions that have no obvious visible response will end with a tone once completed…

Apple is also opening up Find My data to Siri on the HomePod. Users will be able to request the location of friends and family if it is being actively shared.

MacDaily News note: Apple revealed on Wednesday that iOS 16.3 will be released “next week.” While iOS 16.3 may arrive on Monday, January 23, we expect Apple to release it on Tuesday, January 24 at the earliest.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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