How to download and play on iPhone

Smartpk iOS app is one of the most popular game apps for iPhone in Vietnam. Thousands of users in the country are looking for a way to download Smartpk on iOS. Since dozens of users want to download and play Smartpk on iOS, we have covered the article to get Smartpk on iPhone.

As iPhone users, many users tried to search for the Smartpk app on the App Store. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the App Store. So it would be better to find another way to install Smartpk on iOS. The Smartpk app included four games: Sword Of The Origin, Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile, Martial Arts Mobile, and Martial Arts Max. Let’s find out the process to download and install Smartpk on iPhone.

How to download Smartpk on iOS

  1. On your iOS device, go to (Settings), choose Wi-Fi, tap the circular button with the letter I to set up your Wi-Fi network, and select (Set Proxy).
  2. Next, choose Automatic, then copy and paste one of the following links in the URL line, and finally click the Save button: The URL for completion must start with https (with an s ending in), not http.
  3. To apply the settings you just specified, turn Wi-Fi off and on again on your device and choose the Wi-Fi network configured above again.
  4. After configuring the Wi-Fi proxy, open Safari (other browsers will fail) and go to the following website:
  5. Your Wi-Fi has no proxy. Then will appear like below. Check Step 1 again, especially the URL.
  6. After verifying (and correcting if entered incorrectly), turn Wi-Fi off and on again as directed in Step 1, return to the Safari browser tab that opens the page, and press the spinner button to verify the results.
  7. Your Wi-Fi is proxy. Then will appear like below. Download the mitmproxy setup by clicking the iOS apple next to Get mitmproxy-ca-cert.pem. Avoid pressing the button next to the macOS apple.
  8. Safari will ask you to download the mitmproxy settings. Click Allow.
  9. Go to Settings, General, Profile (usually on VPN), select mitmproxy and click Install.
  10. iOS will ask you for a passcode or fingerprint authentication and confirm it twice before installing the mitmproxy setup. Press the Install button. Then click Done.
  11. Go to Settings, General, About, scroll down and then Certificate Trust Settings (Certificate Trust Settings).
  12. In-game, the SmartPK button appears in the lower left corner.
  13. (Disable proxy settings for Wi-Fi networks) requires turning off the game.
  14. Here you can follow further instructions.

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