How to get the huge squirrel in Roblox Pet Simulator X

One of the rarest exclusive pets in Roblox: Pet Simulator X it’s the huge squirrel, the huge guy version of the basic squirrel. Whether owners have a basic, golden, or dark matter squirrel on their list, these fluffy-tailed cuddly creatures are likely a favorite companion animal for many. Consequently, owning the huge squirrel is a must for Squirrel, Exclusive or Huge Guy Pet Collectors In Pet Simulator X. However, acquiring this particular Squirrel variation is not easy, as the acquisition process is not done in-game. Instead, getting the huge squirrel is directly related to the purchase of a product that is only available in the physical store in certain countries.

Unlock Huge Squirrel in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Unlike huge doodle cat which is unlocked by hatching Tropical Doodle Eggs, the huge squirrel in Roblox: Pet Simulator X it is exclusively acquired by purchasing the Dragon Collector Bundle, a product that is only sold in certain countries within Asia. This product is available at Walmart stores, where the package price will vary.


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According to the Pet simulator! wiki, Dragon Collector Bundle is currently only available in “certain parts of Asia”. However, there is no official information on whether this product will arrive or is already available in the West. youtuber noobblox claims the bundle can be purchased in California, which is a possibility if the Dragon Collector Bundle ships from sellers in Asia to international companies within the US, which are commonly located in California. However, physical products are hard to track and their availability is never reliable, especially for niche items like toys for Roblox titles.

Yet, Roblox content creator RazorFishGames was able to acquire the huge squirrel in Pet Simulator X when making a trade with another player who owned the exclusive pet. So trading might be the only method of unlocking this creature for those who don’t live near a Walmart or in a location where the physical Dragon Collector Bundle offering isn’t available. However, players should not expect the owners of the huge squirrel to easily get rid of your valuable rarity, as trading costs are likely to be very high, regardless of owner.

Roblox is available for PC, Android, Xbox One and iOS.

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