ICC falls prey to online fraud

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The governing body of apex cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC), has reportedly fallen victim to online fraud and is set to lose $2.5 million due to the subterfuge. Although ICC officials are tight-lipped about it, according to Cricbuzz, the organization has been duped online.

Phishing or online fraud is one of the most common scams that occur around the world. But today we are seeing more cases of people and even important companies being scammed. online. People who run such scams are professionals at what they do and it is very difficult to track them down considering they do it on a daily basis.

ICC reportedly became a victim of one of these online scams recently and there are reports that the company will lose more than $2.5 million as a result of it. The amount is very large even for a million dollar organization like the ICC.

The amount is equivalent to the fund that is awarded each year to an associated team to play in the ODI format. And therefore that fact goes to show how much value quantity has and how crucial money is to the growth of cricket around the world.

ICC officials are silent on the matter, and according to Cricbuzz, he is now engaging with law enforcement authorities in the United States. ICC will obviously enroll in legal action and try to claim the lost amount and wait for the fraudulent group to come to light. Not a single ICC official has gone public and addressed the media about it.

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