Marines Use Metal Gear Solid Tactic To Fool AI Robot

A pair of US Marines managed to hide from an experimental AI robot using a bizarre and hilarious tactic straight out of the Metal Gear Solid games.

In a hilarious case of art imitating life, a pair of US Marines hid from an AI robot with the classic solid metal gear tactic of climbing inside a cardboard box. Hideo Kojima is one of those creators with a reputation for predicting the future. However, soldiers hiding in a box is a thing of solid metal gear that few people expected to come true.

solid metal gearThe cardboard box returns to the original 2D isometric. metal gear from 1987. If Snake was staying still, hiding in the box made him completely undetectable to guards and cameras. While it’s always been something of a joke item, the cardboard box made an appearance in every major line. solid metal gear games. However, despite its popularity within the franchise, most soldiers would probably be suspicious of a mysterious cardboard box that appears in the hallway while their back is turned.


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That being said, an AI is not “most soldiers”, and the solid metal gear The tactic reportedly proved effective in confusing a DARPA robot. As reported by Kotaku, The Economist’s advocacy editor Shashank Joshi recently shared some excerpts from the upcoming book. Four Battlefields: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Written by defense expert Paul Scharre, the passage describes a group of eight Marines tasked with sneaking up on an experimental military robot. Two of them decided to take a page out of Solid Snake’s playbook by hiding under a cardboard box, supposedly laughing the whole time.

Obviously it’s fun to imagine real soldiers using a tactic of solid metal gear games, especially when it’s one of the sillier ones. However, this story shows something interesting about the nature of artificial intelligence. According to the extract of four battlefields, DARPA engineers spend six days training an AI robot to detect a group of eight marines. Then, on day seven, the researchers parked the robot in the center of a roundabout and ordered the Marines to touch the robot without being detected.

All eight were successful, including the pair of Marines who used a strategy straight out of solid metal gear. Two other Marines evaded detection by doing a 1,000-foot somersault toward the robot from where they started. A fifth Marine covered himself with branches and “walked like a fir tree.” While humans would have figured out these tricks instantly, the AI ​​only knew to search for humans by walking, not by somersaulting, dressing as a tree, or hiding in a box. Perhaps the robot would have fared better if DARPA had trained it on Hideo Kojima’s games.

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Source: Kotaku

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