Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players find themselves surrounded by Klawfs

Catching a blue Klawf and taking a short break from the game, a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet player finds himself surrounded by the creatures.

While there have been many peculiar occurrences in scarlet and violet pokemon, a player has found themselves surrounded by Klawfs in what may be a single spawn bug or Easter egg. Among the failures that scarlet and violet pokemon Fans have discovered since the games released, one that has the Pokemon trainer turn into a giant monster, and another that makes them fall across the map. However, this encounter with Klawf may be among the strangest.


A Reddit user got over 3800 upvotes on a video of the trip via scarlet and violet pokemon‘s Palla in which they are surrounded by Klawf after leaving their console for a minute. Klawf is one of the many new Pokémon introduced with scarlet and violet pokemon, while there are also regional variants for Pokemon like Tauros and Wooper, and terastalized Pokemon that provide more variety. Similar to most generations of Pokemon, scarlet and violet pokemon they also have shiny versions of Paldean Pokedex entries, and this Reddit user got a weird response after catching a shiny Klawf.

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Reddit user Remarkable-Song86 recently shared a scarlet and violet pokemon clip in which the pokemon paleano the trainer is surrounded by Klawf when the player closes the menu to move. He scarlet and violet pokemon The player then begins to rotate the camera slowly to reveal a total of 13 Klawf in a semi-circle around the player, preventing them from walking to the nearest blue Klawf without starting another encounter. Although there is a small patch where the player could escape Pokémon without having to capture or fight any of them unnecessarily, there are Klawf in almost every direction thanks to the location of Klawf’s army next to a cliff.

Since Remarkable-Song86 claims to have caught a brilliant Klawf before catching his amazing scarlet and violet pokemon clip, the blue Klawf in the distance features another rare occurrence along with the semicircle of the standard Klawf. Although none of the Klawf are titans like those experienced in scarlet and violet pokemonThe Path of Legends video Remarkable-Song86 highlights some subtle size differences between regular Klawf that will spawn in most areas. Remarkable-Song86 did not indicate if they are working to collect every brilliant in scarlet and violet pokemonbut the blue Klawf may be the beginning of another long journey comparable to the three main paths.

With the video concluding before the player is forced to deal with the Klawf around them or walk away, it’s currently unclear how they escaped the moment that rivals some of the best in scarlet and violet pokemon. Because this Klawf event may have been triggered by being AFKed or catching a shiny, another scarlet and violet pokemon players can replicate what happened to Remarkable-Song86 under the same circumstances.

scarlet and violet pokemon are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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