Princess Arthur for Switch launches May 25 in Japan

The Switch version of the otome visual novel princess arthur will launch on May 25 in Japan for 7,150 eyn, publisher Idea Factory announced.

A special edition for 9,350 yen will also be available, which includes a special booklet and a set of six-character message cards.

Pre-orders for either edition include a reprint of the art book originally included with the limited edition of the PSP version released in 2013.

princess arthur first released for the PSP on March 28, 2013 in Japan. An English version was released for iOS and Android on September 29, 2016, but is no longer available.

Here’s an overview of the game, via the store pages that are no longer available for the iOS and Android versions:


A king left this world.

In this realm, where kings have traditionally been chosen by the Holy Sword, the time has come for a new Choice.

Of the many people who tried to draw the sword, only one was successful.

A peasant, neither knight nor royalty.

The girl is still confused by everything, but the legendary wizard Merlin convinces her to take the crown. She then meets the Knights of the Round Table.

The girl prepares to fight for the first time in her life.

She grips the sword tightly in her hand, still not sure why he chose her. Tears are in her eyes.

The girl learns what love really is.

The threads of fate are twisted around her, but despite everything, she keeps love in her heart for a man.

The girl takes the sword…

…the sword that will allow her to open the way to the destiny of her beloved.


  • lancelot – The strongest of all and gentle.
    • You’re the one the leader of the Round Table fell in love with.
    • Discover true love with the strongest of knights!
    • “With this… I can always continue to win for your sake.”
  • gawain – Passionate and serious.
    • Let yourself be carried away by your passion while it ignites your heart.
    • Find love with this serious gentleman!
    • “I’ll have to beat it all, if I want to stop someone from laying a finger on you.”
  • Tristan – Experienced and mature.
    • Dive into a gentle romance with this mature gentleman.
    • A beautiful ending awaits you!
    • “You barely know anything about me, just like I barely know you.”
  • Galahad – Exceptional and tsundere.
    • He will know what love is thanks to you, the only one he will need.
    • Fall in love with the prodigy knight!
    • “Where’s the fun in learning about someone else, really?”
  • Mordred – Mysterious and yandere.
    • You will be caught in his love trap, his sweet poison will melt your heart.
    • Discover the real side of the mysterious knight!
    • “Rest assured, I won’t expect you to wake up tomorrow loving me.”
  • Merlin – Legendary and playful.
    • The legendary wizard casts a spell on you with his charm.
    • Cast a love spell, make him go crazy for you!
    • “If you don’t run, I’ll pin you to the ground here and now, you know.”

key features

  • Lots of beautifully illustrated graphics in Japanese anime style, engaging soundtracks, and motion effects give you a vivid and realistic experience of Camelot.
  • Multiple endings to each character’s romantic story; they will vary depending on the course of actions in your game.

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