Ragnarok’s Twist is a double-edged sword for replayability

A late-game narrative reveal in God of War: Ragnarok does wonders for its storytelling, but hurts some of its replayability for audiences.

Warning: This article delves into some of the main plot points of god of war ragnarok.

god of war ragnarok is a massive epic that serves as the conclusion to the Norse mythology version of the franchise. In it, Kratos and Atreus must deal with the repercussions of their actions from the previous game. To this end, they visit the nine Nordic kingdoms and embark on adventures large and small.

god of war ragnarok is so much bigger than its predecessor that it can be hard to focus on the main narrative, which is longer and seems to drag on too long. But the game’s biggest twist sends players back just in time when the pace begins to slow. While this can be great for a starter game, those wanting to start a new game or make use of God of War: RagnarokThe upcoming New Game+ mode will find that adding a massive twist hurts some of the game’s replay value.


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a god of deceit

God of War Ragnarok Odin-1

The game’s twist comes just as its final act begins. After retrieving all the pieces of Odin’s mask, Atreus returns to the House of Sindri and prepares for Ragnarok with the rest of the group. Tyr, who was previously rescued from Svartalfheim and apparently lost his fighting spirit, suddenly seizes the opportunity to fight Odin and reveals that he knows a hidden path to Asgard. Brok, Sindri’s brother and half of the Huldra siblings, finds Tyr’s enthusiasm suspicious and begins to question his motives. Unable to carry on the charade any longer, the god others thought to be Tyr fatally stabs Brok with a knife before transforming back into his true form: Odin. Odin then tries to steal the mask from Atreus, but fails to do so. Furious at his failure, Odin escapes from the House of Sindri and returns to Asgard.

All eyes on Odin and Tyr

Kratos and Tyr in God of War Ragnarok

This late game reveal drastically changes the way players view both Odin and the god they once knew as Tyr. Any small hint of sympathy players may have gained for Odin by visiting his family in Asgard as Atreus disappears entirely once he kills Brok and reveals his deception. Odin ceases to be merciful and reveals his true nature: that of a cunning and selfish god. This makes it easier for players to hate All-Father as they prepare for Ragnarok and his demise.

Unfortunately, this suspicion about Odin and Tyr remains once they finish the main campaign. Players are not only suspicious of the real Tyr once they find him trapped in Niflheim, but this suspicion extends as well when they start a new game. Every move “Tyr” makes is closely watched by the knowledgeable audience as they search for anything that might hint at treachery from him. In addition to the false god’s unwillingness to fight and call Atreus “Loki”, people will watch how he acts, reacts and chooses his words “Tyr”. After all, Odin is a master of disguises, and if it wasn’t for Brok’s quick thinking, no one would have realized there was a spy among them.

Time god of war ragnarokThe twist is good, knowing that it reduces the replayability of the game and lessens some of its enjoyment. Players will want nothing more than to attack “Tyr” as soon as they encounter him a second time and may even struggle to progress through the main story knowing something the characters have yet to discover. Considering how late in the game Odin reveals the trick to him, players might enjoy the side content instead of their later games.

god of war ragnarok is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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