Retro Studios could be working on an unannounced game

Developer Retro Studios is rumored to be working on an unannounced game that could be coming for a well-known franchise.

retro studies He is rumored to be working on an unannounced game that was hinted at in December 2022 from several different sources. Retro Studios is behind the top three first metroid titles, as well as other games such as Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Y mario kart 7so many fans will surely be excited about the potential of the long-awaited fourth installment in the first metroid franchise or other donkey kong either Mario Kart match.

There have been bits of news and information here and there about the upcoming metroid game, with fans speculating release years and development stages based on leaks, rumors, and other small nuggets of evidence. A metroid prime 4 the job listing, for example, gave some clues as to the type of environment in which one is working metroid prime 4 and how it compares to other titles in the series. However, it has been quite some time before any new information about the long-awaited game was discovered.


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There are a number of videos and leaks referring to job offers for Retro Studios, as well as the fact that the developer is said to be working on a new game from an already established IP, which means it must be from a long time coming. duration. established franchise. With all the delays and disappointments fans have experienced with metroid prime 4, this news is a glimmer of hope that Retro Studios is finally moving forward with solid game development. Many fans will surely expect that metroid prime 4 it is in fact the game referenced in the leaks and I hope it gets the attention and development it deserves because it is a main series game and not a spin-off or add-on style game like the canceled one from Retro Studios. The legend of Zelda I play with Sheik.

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Some former Retro Studios developers have said that metroid prime 4 it will be worth the wait, and many fans of the series hope they are right because they have been waiting quite a while. Last year, metroid terror scratched the metroid itchy, but it was still a 2D game and not the full 3D experience fans have been waiting for since the Metroid Prime Trilogy it was released in 2009.

There have also been rumors about a possible remastering of the original. first metroid coming from Nintendo, so this is another possibility for leaks and rumors to hold on. The job listing only mentions that it will be for an established IP, but does not state that it will be for a brand new title on that IP.

Either way, fans are expecting a new one. metroid the game is set to release soon, and with rumors and leaks coming out en masse, it looks like there will be more development in that area soon. And if the unannounced game is part of a different series, either donkey kong either Mario Kart, Fans will surely be excited for a new title in those franchises as well.

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