SoundCloud adds direct message support for Android users

sound cloud describes itself as an artist-first platform powered by a global community of artists and listeners. The SoundCloud app is available on Android, iOS, and the web. The company has added a new function to its Android client with the latest update. The SoundCloud app for Android is rolling out adding support for direct messages. However, this feature is not available for the iphone app yet. The SoundCloud web client has supported direct messages for some time. Google also updated its official Twitter account to highlight that this feature is now being rolled out to the Android app. Here we have shared more details about direct messages on SoundCloud:

Direct messages on SoundCloud: how it will work
The latest version of the SoundCloud Android app now allows users to send or receive direct messages to friends and artists on the platform. The company has also explained how this feature will work on its official support page. In addition to sending messages, the platform will also allow users to share tracks and playlists through direct messages.

After installing the latest update, users can click the envelope icon at the top right of their home screen to access their messages. Clicking on one of these messages will allow users to expand the message to show the full conversation and shared tracks.
To reply to a message, users will be able to type in the text box below the conversation. Here, they can send direct text messages or add a track or playlist that they think the recipient would enjoy listening to.
In October 2022, Russia restricted access to the music streaming app. According to a Reuters report, Moscow cited that SoundCloud was banned because it was spreading “false information.” Meanwhile, the company laid off 20% of its workforce in August 2022.

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