Tin Hearts confirms the release date with a new trailer

Tin Hearts, the toy-packed indie puzzle-adventure game, gets an official release date in a lovely new trailer.

A new trailer for the mechanically whimsical tin hearts was released today, notifying players that April 20th will be the day they will finally plunge into the magical world of little mechanical men. The immersive puzzle adventure game which won “Most Anticipated Switch Game” at the Gamescom 2022 awards will also be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

From first-time developer Rogue Sun and independent publisher Wired Productions, the release date trailer gives gamers a quick look at some of the bits and pieces to solve puzzles inTin hearts which will be necessary to successfully navigate through the world of the little characters. From bouncing through drums and landing on top of tables to trying to avoid metal crushing machines that will decimate the player’s tiny soldiers, users will have to guide their tiny metal warriors safely through a variety of environments and obstacles. It’s not just the environment out to destroy them, as a variety of mechanical enemies such as spiders and a creepy-looking jack-in-the-box will also try to stop the Tin Soldiers’ march.


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The trailer shows some aspects of the game that apparently share parts of its design with lemmings, a game that was released in the early 90s on the Amiga system before being ported to a variety of PCs and consoles of the time. In lemmings, players were tasked with getting their strange-looking titular characters to safety by building various items and using a variety of abilities on a 2D side-scrolling map. Appears tin hearts will share at least part of this design idea, as certain soldiers appear to march in a straight line and bounce off objects to change their trajectory. Some soldiers also seem to move much more freely, helping with various obstacles and activating in-game items that should be added to tin hearts complexity and enjoyment.

Players can also register for tin hearts Closed beta via the Wired Productions website, allowing a preview of the game on PC from February 10-14. The site also mentions that the physical editions will be available for PlayStation 5 and Switch, but players will need to pre-order the former. shot through the Wired Productions site. These will come with reversible sleeves, an EP download, and a set of stickers.

the comparison with lemmings seems almost impossible to avoid from the generation of players who lost many hours, and many Lemmings, trying to save them. With the move to a much larger 3D environment, the addition of even more vertical gameplay, and a multitude of options for how to navigate that space, tin hearts has a chance to be that kind of seminal game that could still influence many years to come. Players will only have to wait a few more months to have fun with Tin Soldiers.

tin hearts It will launch on April 20 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Source: Wired Productions

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